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PMP Malaysia

What is PMP® and Why do you need it in Malaysia?

Are you looking to be a Project Manager in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Maybe you’ve just started as one but sooner rather than later, you will have to obtain certifications to improve your future career prospects.

The Project Management Professional certification (PMP®), which can be done here in Malaysia, is the most important qualifications a Project Manager should possess. It is an internationally recognised certificate from the Project Management Institute.

There are over three-quarters of a million PMP® certified people worldwide in over 210 countries and territories worldwide. It is one of the most demanded credentials in project management and validates a professional’s education and experience in project management.  

Over 750,000 people in the world are PMP® certified in over 210 countries, including Malaysia. This certification is the most in demand credentials in the Project Management landscape. The certificate validates the vast experience and education a professional Project Manager has in Project Management.

So why do you need PMP® certification?

Do you plan to work overseas? This certificate is acknowledged all around the world. Obtaining this certificate will showcase your skills and expertise to potential employers.

The PMP®® certificate also improves your salary. Using the Project Management Salary Survey conducted by PMI in July 2017, PMP® certified professionals earned a mean salary of  RM346100 per year in the UK.

Obtaining a PMP® certificate opens the door to better career progression and job opportunities. According to this study, when more than ⅓ of their project managers are PMP® certified, more projects meet deadline schedules and original goals.

The PMP® certification is well known in many industries that are not limited to IT, telecoms, finance and construction.

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