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Employee Insurance System Scheme

What is it?

The Employee Insurance System (EIS) is a financial scheme by PERKESO, to aid recently retrenched workers in finding new jobs.

If you are recently retrenched, PERKESO is able to cover all associated training fees in relation to certain approved courses that will assist in obtaining new employment.

Successful applicants may attend training & certification sessions at no cost! An allowance is also paid to the participants for each training day, at a rate of RM10 (minimum) - RM20 (maximum) per training day based on the applicant’s Monthly Assumed Wages.

Our Project Management Professsional (PMP) and Scrum Master Certification (SMC) course fees are fully covered under the EIS scheme.


How to apply?

In order to make the application you must:

  • Be a Malaysian citizen;
  • Contributed to PERKESO whilst employed;
  • Recently retrenched/unemployed; and
  • Registered within PERKESO’s EIS web portal within the past 60 days.


When are the course dates?

In order to view session dates, please click here.


How do I apply?

Please visit PERKESO’s EIS online portal here in order to being the application process.


For more information, contact us

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