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PMP SAMPLE QUESTIONS - Project Quality Management

A project team member is inspecting a finished deliverable to verify that it was built right. The inspector is just about done when a customer executive walks by and notes that all the adjustment dials only go to 10 and they were supposed to go to 11. The executive is very mad and screaming. The inspector looks at the specification, which says the top number should be 10. What should the inspector do?

A) Reject the deliverable and send it to rework
B) Mark the deliverable as passing verification
C) Do nothing and escalate the verification to a manager
D) Tell the customer executive to stop screaming and that the customer executive is wrong
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Your organization has been contracted to create the production process for the engine parts in a new electric vehicle. Unfortunately, the inspection of the parts created by the initial run of the new production process has resulted in an unacceptably high failure rate. However, an audit by the project quality team reports that the inspection routine is flawed and that almost all of the questionable parts do in fact meet requirements. What is your next step?

A) Meet with the production process design team to determine what changes need to be made to the process
B) Update the quality management plan to remove the flawed inspection routine
C) Meet with the project team to determine what changes are required in the quality management plan
D) Update the scope, schedule and cost baselines to incorporate an improved inspection routine
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You are reviewing quality control measurements from the first testing phase of a new mail sorting automation line. During your review, you notice that none of the tests of the automation line is being some at sorting volumes that challenge the upper range of the sorting capabilities of the equipment. You are aware that customers purchasing this automation line will expect it to function as well when sorting large volumes of mail as with lower quantities of mail. Which process are you performing?

A) Control Quality
B) Manage Quality
C) Plan Quality Management
D) Perform Quality Assurance

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Angela is managing the research and development of a new blood test to genetically screen for certain types of cancer. Angela would like to determine whether the processes currently in use in the project are effective in meeting the quality requirements needed to satisfy the customer. What does Angela need to obtain first before making this determination?

A) Quality control measurements
B) Test and evaluation documents
C) Quality metrics
D) Acceptance of interim deliverables from the customer

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